Byron Bay/Gold Coast – 30th March

Up at 8 am this morning for a busy day!  Completed a bit more cleaning downstairs and washed the floors so they would dry while I was out!  After breakfast and showering I drove up to the hospital to see Ash and Alice.  It was the first time I had driven up on my own.  I found it okay although a parking space was hard to find!  Jon and Emma were there for a bit – Emma is Mum to one of Elsie’s friends that she talks about often so it was good to meet her.

I then had a good chat with Alice and she was quite chirpy despite having a not so good night with Ash.  He was asleep but Alice gave him to me when she wanted him to wake up! And here are a couple of photos!

So I had a big cuddle!  I had forgotten how tiny babies are when they are new born!

At 12 noon, everyone but parents are asked to leave so there is a quiet time during the day so off I went to fill some time before my next appointment.  I managed to find my way to Hungry Jacks again so I could have some lunch.  Not sure I really wanted a burger but I didn’t want to get lost!

It was a tasty burger though!

Once I was back in the car I was wondering what to do with myself for an hour or so and I began to realise how close to the sea I was.  After minimal searching I was on the road to the sea front, the sun was shining and there were benches to sit on!  I parked up and took my knitting to a bench and spent a glorious hour knitting and listening to the waves.  The only draw back were the ants so I had to swing my legs like a little girl so they wouldn’t climb all over my feet!  I managed quite a chunk of knitting!  I also saw a little bird who was making a lot of noise at one point!  Here is the bench…

Here is the little bird….

After about an hour the clouds started to come over and it turned a bit grey.  I persevered for a bit until I had finished another square of knitting and then decided to move on!  Here is the beach on the way back to the car.

I drove to the airport and settled down with a cup of tea and a raspberry muffin and of course my knitting to wait for a flight that was delayed by 35 mins.  I had just over an hour to wait.  The knitting kept me going and calm although at some points I my fingers were going ten to the dozen! At the allotted time I made my way to the arrivals to wait!

My sneaky son saw me before I saw him and crept up behind me!  It was great to give him a big hug.  He was here and had made it in one piece!  We chatted all the way to the car, and then chatted all the way back in the car with him telling me about his time in Sydney, his flights and stuff happening at uni.  It was really good to catch up.  It was about 6pm local time so we unloaded his bags of the stuff he had brought over for Alice and Jon and we went to book him in.  There was a lovely full rainbow on the way there!  It took him a while to get organised and I waited on a chair outside watching all the young people in the lounge all on their mobiles not talking to each other – it was funny and sad at the same time!

My son and I then made our way to a pizza restaurant and had a meal and a drink together.

We talked about all sorts of things and couldn’t finish our pizzas and had a few drinks.  We made it to about 9 pm and Castell was tired so we took a doggy bag and made our way back.

It was lovely to have seen both the oldest and the youngest in the next generation in the same day!  What a treat both were!



6 thoughts on “Byron Bay/Gold Coast – 30th March

  1. Saw some photos of Castell on FB. He probably won’t like to hear it, but he looks just like the last time I saw him, when he was about 4 years old, only bigger! πŸ™‚

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