Byron Bay – 22nd March

After the usually 7 am alarm, showering and breakfasting Alice and I went over to the industrial centre to run a few errands. It is a bit of a rabbit warren and we both had completely different things to do so I dropped her off.  I proceeded to try and find a dance studio – which I did but it was closed!  I did get a number though! πŸ˜€ Castell has another audition after his holiday here and so I wanted to enquire about studio hire/sessions. While I was waiting for Alice I got a cup of tea and a gluten free slice….

The slice was actually quite nice!  And the tea wasn’t bad either!

When we got home we caught up on some Eastenders and I did some knitting.  Jon cam home for lunch at about 12:30 and I left at about 1 to go to the post office and the hairdressers.  I got to the post office with plenty of time and collected my parcel – it was my new swimming costume from the UK which I ordered before I left but they were out of stock.  I then headed to the hairdressers.  There was a lovely lady who chatted to me when I got there and the hairdresser I had was pleasant but very young!  She was very good and did exactly what I asked her too (but no chatting!).  So I have had a trim and a half head of highlights coloured to match the colour most of my hair is.  It is a good job, you can hardly see the join and it looks very natural.  When she had finished cutting it she just dried it off so I left the hairdressers with pretty flat hair unsure of whether I liked it or not! 

On the way home I popped into ALDI for milk and bread and a few provisions of my own!  When I got home I got the hairspray out and had a go at my hair to give it some body and I was actually pleased with the results – I will post a photo once it has settled down and I have it exactly how I like it!

I went to collect Elsie at 4:30, she didn’t want to come home so it took me 20 mins longer than usual!  It was nice to watch her play with her friend while I was waiting.  Eventually, we got home and I peeled the spuds for mash (they like mash here too!) and later Jon put the sausages on the barbie!

The evening was spent chatting to Castell and Mum about Easter and an important journey and birthday coming up!  Then it was time for some radio and a little knitting.  Finally, I managed to complete the Bill Bryson, Down Under book! It is a really good book to read while you are here and gives you a taste of life in Australia, snippets of its history and ideas for where to go or not go to visit.  Next novel is from my friend Liz’s new book group a short novel by Neville Shute called Pied Piper.  She says it is a quick read – we shall see! 

Quotes for today: there are two random ones as I couldn’t think of a theme for today and I couldn’t choose! πŸ˜€



2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 22nd March

  1. Looks like you are fulfilling one of the reasons you went there for – and being a good Auntie as you can, making lots of memories with Elsie. Xx

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