Byron Bay – 21st March

So the end of the weekend arrived at 7am. I was up showered and dressed by 8 and Elsie was ready by 9. We both walked over to football for 9:15.  Elsie had a good run around with her friend s from nursery and Coach.

When we got back we shared a couple of hot cross buns and then I played with Elsie first we played doctors and patients and I was lots of very sick people!  Then we had to play on the mat – some imaginary game about flying around that I can’t quite recall and racing the airplane and the bus. Fortunately, Daddy came home for his lunch so I got a break for about 1/2 an hour.  Once he went back to work and Alice was upstairs napping I crept up to do some knitting, Elsie did call out for Mummy and Daddy but once I told her they weren’t available she settled down again.  I managed to get to the end of the fourth square on the fourth strip and I realised I had knitted it back to front! Ahhhh!  If Elsie hadn’t been sleeping next door I would have been swearing very loudly!  I ripped out the square and started it again correctly this time! I kept very calm for Elsie’s sake!

Alice came down at 3:30 and Elsie got up and we decided to go to the park as the rain had stopped.  However, somewhere alone the line muddy puddles were mentioned so wellies were donned and off we went to search for them!

As you can see we found some not far from home and splashing about occurred!

Then it was time for the park.  So Elsie loves a swing and she likes swinging really high so there was at least half an hour of swings (slight exaggeration), then a quick climb up the climbing frame and a go on the slide, followed by some tree walking, photography (see Facebook as Alice got a photo of me!) and then more swings!  I don’t know about Elsie but after that my arms were worn out!

This evening Jon made a chunky chicken soup and Elsie was downstairs with me watching some programmes on the iPad and doing some stickers in a sticker book I bought her.  After supper I was very pleased to go downstairs and relax – I was quite worn out with all the activity!

Not long after getting downstairs I had a FaceTime conversation with Castell which was followed soon after by a long Skype with my Dad and Caroline!  We were able to catch up with all the admin, post, news, problems solving, plans for the future and the family tree research plus a bit of advice!  It took us over an hour but it was very productive!  Needless to say, I had no brain space for anything afterwards but a bit of knitting and a bit of TV!

Quote for the day: the reason why we do all the activity!,,,




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