Byron Bay – 18th March

Up this morning in time to go with Alice to the pool once she had dropped Elsie off at school.  It was quite cool water because it had been raining yesterday but it was lovely once we got going.  We didn’t time it very well today and the school children arrived before we had finished and they basically take over three lanes of the pool leaving three for everyone else! Fortunately my it wasn’t too busy so I just managed to do another two laps.

Once we were home and showered we caught up on Eastenders and Words with Friends – if anyone wants to challenge me to a game feel free.  You can play at your own speed and I promise not to hassle you but I can’t  promise not to beat you!  We then did some more Ebay sorting and we think we have it sussed now so I ironed a few nice dresses and the rest are going as bundles.

Alice then made scrabbled eggs – I really need to learn how to make it myself and then I could be making it for her!  While she went for a rest I popped out to the shops to get a few bits from ALDI, some money from the bank and some prepaid envelopes from the post office.   Look what else I found in the post office….

Anyone seen it?  I thought it an excellent choice while I am here!

When I got back I was planning on having a cup of tea and a bun out but the too cafe I tried had closed for the day so I gave up and came back.  I was planning to start blogging early but Alice asked me if I wanted to join her for walk to the ice cream shop – she didn’t need to ask me twice and we wandered up there.  I got a chocolate and hazelnut cone and she got some ice cream with hot fudge sauce on it in a tub.  Unfortunately, we were so busy eating this gorgeous stuff that I forgot to take a photo but it was good stuff! 🍦🍨

At the ice cream parlour I also bought a drink which I drank when I got home ….

I keep forgetting how much I love passion fruit juice and it reminds me of South Africa as it was the first cordial I was given when I got there.  Well, that and the fact that it is the only passion I am getting at the moment! Lol!

Elsie spent another half an hour in my room today mostly watching stuff on my iPad like Thomas the Tank Engine and Mike the Knight!  Then I had to cook supper – nice and easy fajitas which were yummy.

Then it was downstairs to do some knitting and some watching of TV which was very successful as the Internet service provider was up and running so I caught up on two episodes of CSI and managed to do quite a bit of knitting too getting to the third square of this fourth strip. Sorry no photos of the knitting today!

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One thought on “Byron Bay – 18th March

  1. Sounds like you are having some lovely days there. Passion fruit juice, good ice-cream and a walk in the sun – what could be better than that! Xx

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