Byron Bay – 19th March

Another quiet day waiting for the baby!   As it hadn’t arrived over night I had a lie in as it was Saturday!  I had a quiet morning showering, tidying and having breakfast. Once lunch time hit I decided that I needed to get out to somewhere new and asked to take to the car to Suffolk Park about a 10 minute drive away so I could investigate.  I arrived at about 2pm and drove up and down the road nearest the sea to get some idea of where to park.  This road was basically a suburban road that backed on to a bank of trees past which was the beach.  There were various parking spots positioned between houses. I parked in one of these midway down the road and made my way to the beach.  It was a grey afternoon. On the beach by the surf there were lots of little balls of sand that were being thrown out of tiny little holes in the sand.


Apparently, these are made by sand blubber crabs!  They do not appear on the main Bryon Beach perhaps because it is much busier.

The sea was being blown all over the place and there were sand banks that gave the waves really interesting patterns.

This is the view the other way…

I spent approximately 40 minutes walking on the beach not going too far from where I parked the car just in case I got a call from Alice!  On the way back up the beach I saw this …


This is a dead moon jellyfish.  It was the size of a car wheel so it quite large, fortunately the sting causes a small rash that isn’t very painful.  Some jellyfish stings can kill humans!

After all this blowing about I went back to the car (the sun came out!) and drove to a small bakery where I refreshed myself with a cup of tea and a lemon merengue pie.

It was yummy but the merengue was soft not crispy (apparently they do that here with merengue!) and the lemon needed to be more lemony! 🍋

When I got home Elsie was up and she went off to the beach with Jon.  I did some blogging until Elsie came back and want to come in my room with me.  She played with me until she banged her head on the wall and wanted Mummy!

After a supper of gorgeous chilli made by Jon I came downstairs for some relaxing TV and knitting!

Quote for the day:



One thought on “Byron Bay – 19th March

  1. Your walks on the beach show some very interesting finds. Never seen a jelly fish that big! Thanks for posting the photos – always interesting including the cakes. Xx


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