Byron Bay – 17th March

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Still waiting!  Alice and I went for a lovely walk along the beach once Elsie was at nursery.  As it was early it wasn’t too hot and the sun was shining!
And the guy on the right was fishing and had actually caught something!

When we got in we caught up on Eastenders and I had a cup of tea!  Anything familiar? Lol. I then made an IKEA changing table whilst Alice did some eBay.  The changing table was really easy to put together – well would have been if the wood hadn’t been so tight a fit!  With a bit of pushing and knocking I managed to get it together and it doesn’t wobble!

After lunch Alice went for a lie down – she needs to keep changing her position to keep as comfortable as possible.  I got on with my blog, sorted my room and did some house keeping.  Elsie joined me again for about an hour before supper, she loves my cheap reading glasses and my sunglasses and loves to put them on and take them off and put them on etc.  She also likes my tape measure and pulls it out and presses the button to wind it back – over and over.  Today she wanted me to read her stories too.  We managed Puss in Boots and just started Hansel and Gretel before we were called to eat.

This evening I spend time talking to Castell on FaceTime who is very busy with lots of things and Mum on Skype who updated me on everything happening in Ringwood.  It was about 9 pm after all this and all I wanted to do was watch a bit of TV and do a bit of knitting with my feet up.  I thought I had managed to watch an episode of CSI but then it crashed and I couldn’t get it back!  I have found out since that the problem lies with the internet providers server which has crashed in NSW leaving lots of people without Internet and those that can get it have had a poor signal! So nothing to do with my equipment at all!  In the end I had to make do with a radio chat show which actually turned out to be quiet interesting.  Because it was Saint Patrick’s Day they were discussing the fact that a lot of Australians have Irish ancestry.  There was a guy from Ancestry who took questions from various people who had got stuck in their research and he was able to offer them all sorts of help.  I am sure that Dad has used some of his suggestions in tracing our ancestors here.

It has really been and up and down sort of day!

Quote for the day:



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