Byron Bay -15th March

Jon took Elsie to nursery and Alice and I went for an early morning swim!  We timed it perfectly as the swimming training for children finished just before we got there.  We both swam 8 lengths – it doesn’t sound like much but it is a long pool!  Also I am out of practice and Alice is carrying an extra load!  I managed to do one full length of front crawl which I am very proud of!  When we got out a group of school children arrived – even more perfect timing!

The rest of the morning was taken up with doing some eBay lots and catching up with Eastenders and washing.  Jon popped home for lunch.  After sandwiches I went out to the doctors – trying to get a whooping cough vaccine for Castell is proving to be problematic.  The gp in the Uk have been singularly unhelpful.  The doctor here said they would be happy to give him the booster but it wouldn’t take effect for two weeks!  After another conversation I think Castell and I have decided that he isn’t going to get too close to the new baby!  He will have to play with Elise instead and I am sure she will keep him occupied for hours!  I have a surprise for him to share with her which I am sure he will love!

While out I also found a shop that sells everything which was great because I was looking for small screwdrivers to fix my glasses!  I could also get some scuba gear from there too but I want to talk about the best make with Alice and Jon before I spend too much money.  When I was paying for the screwdrivers I over heard the shop assistant talking about sammori swords that they no longer sell and referring to the new hobby that people have started and they supply for.  Uncle Bill this photo is for you!  Apologies for the poor photography skills!

I also found a pawn shop around the corner and as you may expect it had lots of surfboards and wetsuits but they also had lots of other stuff so I was able to have a good rummage!  After this pawn shop I popped into ALDI for bread, yoghurt and raspberries which I am eating for breakfast at the moment.  I then booked a hair appointment – I haven’t decided quite what to do at the moment but my hair is getting in my eyes and on my nerves!  Photos to follow next week!

When I got in I decided to try and finish my sewing up so I got the radio on and sat at my table for about an hour.  I did achieve a lot and finished sewing two together and started the next strip.  Whilst I was listening and sewing I was thinking about the textile club and checked my diary and realised I had just missed it!!  I thought it was on Wednesday but no it was on Tuesday!  I then checked to see which ones I could do before I go – in April I will be in Sydney, in May I will be on my way up to Cairns but I will be here for June just!  Heyho, that’s how life goes sometimes.  However, I am going to make sure I hit the Sydney yarn shops when they are having their knitting groups!  I need some knitting chat!

When Elsie got home she came down and spent some time with me in my room.  She loves putting on my reading glasses, using my retractable tape measure and watching programmes on my iPad so we did all of them.  I downloaded a programme that Castell used to like when he was a young boy and she was transfixed!  I think we share the same ability to jump into the screen when watching programmes!

Supper was fish and chips (with a chip butty!) and followed by a bit of blogging, some whatsapping, a quick chat with Castell and time to settle down and watch another film.

Yes, it is very similar to the one I watched last night – it is the sequel and had Idris Elba in it!  This wasn’t as good as the first film but it was good enough to distract me from my sewing up! 

Finally, I made up my bed with clean sheets – lovely to get into a bed with clean sheets!

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