Byron Bay – 14th March

So Monday’s we take Elsie to football only this morning she really wasn’t feeling it for the second half.  She cheered up a bit when she was having a smoothly with her Mum.  I was trying a veggie juice – cellery, beetroot and ginger.  I did drink it all but won’t be having another one!

We then popped to ALDI for some milk and some hot cross buns which Elsie carried all the way home. We had to try them when we got home!

Jon popped home for lunch and put Elsie down for her nap.  I spent the afternoon trying to get some of the sewing up done and failing miserably – some of the squares have more give than others so you really have to take care to match them up.  I also found a New South Wales radio station on the iPad which had lots of talking about what was happening in Australia and it was quite chatty rather than serious and a good accompaniment to my sewing.

I then cooked supper – bolognase with spaghetti and garlic bread which went down well.  The only problem with doing bolognase on their stove is that it is really difficult to get the temperature right as the numbers are missing from the knobs!  This means that when simmering it was rather energetic and was splashing all over the place which in turn means a lot of clearing up!

Once downstairs I had to do some banking and trying to get on-line for ages, I switched the iPad and iPhone off and on, I tried Alice’s computer and eventually used Jon’s phone to do what needed to be done.  A little later I realised why everything was playing up when I was on-line – I had loads of apps running in the background!  I felt such a twit! Anyway, since I have cleared them all off both devices things are running much more smoothly!

Then I was able to settle down and watch a film and do some sewing without any mishaps.  I watched this one….

It was just up my street and I really enjoyed it.

The sewing got me to here…

I have also noticed that it has cooled off slightly at night – so not too hot after about 8pm with the fan on!

Quote for today: 



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