Byron Bay – 13th March 

This morning was the same as yesterday!  Had breakfast in front of the TV and then showered and dressed. I went out planning to look around the Sunday market only to find that it was the wrong Sunday!  Will have to try again next week.  It also rained for most of the day and when it rains here it pours – here is a photo from a few days ago when it was really tipping it down!

I don’t want you all thinking it is all sunshine here”.  Although the rain makes it more humid.

After lunch, I spent the afternoon doing some repairs on Jon’s trousers, Elsie’s fancy dress costume and some of my shorts.  I then started to sew up my first two strips.

As you can see I only managed to get half of the strip done today and that was with time this evening as well.  For those of you that want to know I am using a mattress stitch to sew the edges together.  I find it produces a much flatter seam and you can be more consistent with it.  I had forgotten how long sewing up can take so I am seriously pleased I am doing it as I go along!  There is nothing worse that finishing the knitting and then finding out that the sewing up takes nearly as much time as actually doing the knitting! 

I helped Alice out with the supper while Jon took Elsie to the pool.  Whilst we were eating my phone rang downstairs so once the clearing up was done I went down to find out who it was.  It was Lynn so I called her back on FaceTime and we chatting for a bit catching up on her news.  She also kindly told me that I wasn’t being forgotten (see yesterday’s quote!) but that unlike myself at the moment everyone has busy lives and may not get around to commenting/reading/emailing/skyping/whatsapping as often as I can.  I have given her comments some thought and also checked my whatsapp contact list and realised there maybe some people who had expected me to be in touch with them! So I am going to make a concerted effort to remedy that over the next few days.  Anyway, it was lovely to speak to her and if anyone else fancies a chat let me know! 😀

Thank you to everyone reading this! 👍👏 Much appreciated!😀

Today’s quotes:

Thanks, Lynn for being my friend! X😘


One thought on “Byron Bay – 13th March 

  1. It’s good that you are having some down time and not rushing about like you usually are! Make the most of it while you can. Never think that you are forgotten as you are so loved. Glad the baby has turned now – we wish Alice all the best. Xx

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