Byron Bay – 12th March

Good morning, well this morning I have had a lie-in til 9 which was great.   Whilst I had my breakfast I caught up on some of my Hatch, Match and Dispatch programme.  When the Hardy family got back from the pool I had my shower and went to the post office.  On my way there I saw this camper van, there are usually one or two driving around but I missed them getting my camera out.  Fortunately, this one was parked!  Here you go Simon – one for you!

I think it is a fine example but then I know nothing about these vans!

The post office was empty when I got there and I went straight up to a very helpful lady who sorted me out in no time.  I must say all my visits to the post office in Australia have been extremely pleasant experiences in terms of customer service.  Most of my experiences in the UK have been average to poor and the only one I did like was closed down! 😁 Perhaps, it was just living in London.

The afternoon was spent replying to emails, blogging  and after naps we all went down to the beach.  The tide was out and had left some lovely pools of very warm water which Elsie really enjoyed playing in.  I took myself for a walk down the beach in the surf and watched the kayaks come in over the surf after their day on the sea.  Most fell in but one managed to ride a wave right up the beach.  It looked like good fun! When I got back to the others we made sandcastles with wet sand which can be quite creative when it is runny.  Sorry no photos as I didn’t take the camera! 🙁

Supper was pizza a Mexican and a Meat Supreme – not my favourite pizza due to the over abundance of ham on one and spice on the other. Fine to try once but wouldn’t want them again.

The evening that followed was succesful on two counts – the first that I got the TV page to work and caught up with CSI. I will have to wait for Tuesday to get the next one and the second success was that I completed my third strip of knitting!

So tomorrow I can see the three I have done up and get some idea what this throw is going to look like!

Quote of the day: quite random but struck a cord!



4 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 12th March

  1. Not forgotten Steph.when in Sydney,bridge walk well worth it.if you don’t fancy it castell May like to do it.darling harbour has plenty to do.x


    1. Thanks Jean, I also works tho there way around and there are some people I haven’t been in touch with because I keep getting the time of day wrong and I don’t want to wake people up! I won’t be walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge – I think the ferry is more my style! Castell my like it though! Will look up your other suggestion too!


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