Byron Bay – 11th March

Up and out by 9am again today – so I have now had a full working week of getting up at 7 am.  I will get used to it – eventually.  We dropped Elsie off at nursery and made our way up to the Kmart near Alices hospital. We spent an hour buying clothes for Elsie (she seems to have shot up since I have been here), stuff for the house, medication for me (nothing serious) and a coffee for Alice.

When we reached the hospital it was a job to park so Alice went on ahead and I then found a parking space straight away.  When we got to the doctors rooms we were told he was delayed as he had had to perform an emergency c-section and would be delayed.  We went to the cafe and Alice had a fruitless hot cross bun which she said was okay but nothing to write home about and I had a cup of tea and a slice of this….

It was like a very thick cheesecake and very, very nice!  It was so thick that the plastic fork struggled to get through it.  It was lovely to sit for a bit Alice reading and me doing some knitting.  When we went back the doctor had returned and we waited another 20 mins to go in.  All is fine with Alice and baby who has now turned and put it’s head in the right place!

After all this it was lunch time and Alice requested a burger from Hungry Jacks, which is basically Burger King.  I was happy to oblige and off we went.  I must say that the cheese whopper I had was very tasty and much better than the MacDonalds I had had on my trip to the Great Ocean Drive.  It went down well with Alice too! 😀

Our journey back to Byron was uneventful apart from the Fun Over 50’s company ringing for my deposit on my Cairns trip and we both went straight for a lie down.  I must say that I don’t usually sleep in the day but this afternoon I napped for at least an hour! Just what I needed.  😴

Supper was a Jon BBQ and good as usual.  I then spend the evening drawing a clearer family tree of the Australian branch so I could be clear about what I had found out and add information from my relative in Sydney.  After this I emailed my relative to confirm that we would meet on Monday 18th April and to pass on information that I had.  I am really looking forward to meeting this person and finding out more about the Australian branch.  It seems as though her Mum and Grandmother did a lot of work too so we may be able to fill lots of gaps for each other.

Castell phoned just as I was picking up my knitting needles but that was ok.  He is having problems getting the correct documentation for his EPIPEN  for the Airline he is travelling on.  Fortunately, I have been able to find some blank forms for him to take to his GP.  They don’t seem to know about action plans so I have asked Castell to get himself referred to an allergy clinic too.  It will be really good to see him in the flesh soon and I know he will have a good time here.

I managed a small a mount of knitting before I went to bed early so I have started my last square of this strip and then I will sew the three together and then a third of the throw will be done.

I went to bed early so 7am on Monday won’t feel too early!

Quote for today: 

Thank you FaceTime for keeping me in touch with my boy! X


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