Byron Bay – 10th March

Getting up this morning was quite a struggle – I did try and go to bed early but had a number of FaceTime messages with Castell with regards to carrying his EPIPEN on his flight!  I think we have sorted it and I am hoping he gets everything he needs in order to travel.

Anyway, after a cup of tea I felt better and we started the day by taking Elsie to nursery and the charity stuff to the charity shop.  Then we spent time in the rush hour queue of 10 minutes in Byron!  We got to Alice’s yoga class spot on 9:30 and I had an hour and a half before I picked her up.  I filled the car with petrol and then to it for a wash – as there was a do it yourself for cheaper than a drive through I had a go at that.  The attendant gave me a quick run down of the choices I had and I was off.  I jet washed it all over with a soapy jet wash gadget, then I washed it all over with a foaming brush and finally rinsed it with the jet wash.  I thought I hadn’t done too badly.  I also cleared the inside of the car out of rubbish and wiped the inside of the Windows where suntan cream had smeared.  Then I drove the car around this industrial estate to see what was there – nothing inspired me to park and get out of the car so I decided to hit the cafe and do a bit of knitting.  While I was there I had a cup of organic tea and a chocolate and raspberry brownie!

The tea was nice and strong and the brownie was very tasty.  It was difficult to avoid getting some of the brownie on the the knitting but I think I managed it.  As you will appreciate the knitting has slowed a bit over the last few days and I am still trying to finish the bobbly square.  It was nice to sit outside for a bit and do some knitting.

After I had collected Alice we popped into Bunnings – the DIY store for various bits for stopping Elsie getting in wardrobes, tipping chest of drawers if she climbs them and storing vegetables.  We only managed one, ordered another and we are going to have to go back to KMart for one!

When we got back we caught up on Eastenders, then it was time for more washing off the line, on the line and in to soak. Jon came home just after lunch and whilst he was studying and Alice was napping I sorted out extending my Sydney trip to 10 days and adding some luggage allowance for my trip to Sydney and New Zealand. Alice has given me some excellent suggestions to add to my plans and I am meeting up with a live member of my family tree to swap information so it is looking exciting.  I need to consult my lonely planet guide and research yarn shops a bit more.

Alice and I did a joint cooking of salmon, couscous, asparagus and cauliflower with a sauce mostly in the steamer and it was very tasty.  This evening I have written an email to my relative with the new dates. I am hoping to sit and do some knitting before I have an early night – I have my fingers crossed!  I will update this post with a knitting picture when I have finished the bobble square!

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3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 10th March

  1. Not surprised you are tired – it’s just like being at home but with added heat. I’d like to say just chill out but that might be difficult over there! Xx


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