Byron Bay – 8th March

I am warning you from the beginning that this is a slow news day!  And I am writing this before knitting for the evening!

I took Elsie to nursery today and I was hot and Sweaty before I even left!  Fortunately, Alice and I had decided to go for a swim once we had done the hoovering and started the washing and soaking for eBay. When we got there it was quite busy with people doing laps much faster than I do them but I found a bit of the pool where there wasn’t anyone and started doing my very slow laps!  I also practiced my front crawl and I nearly made it to the end of the pool on my last front crawl lap.  I need to point out that the pool in Byron is twice the length of the pool in the Gold Coast so I didn’t do too badly.

So today this is a list of stuff I did ….took the Hoover upstairs,  helped Alice sort out Elsie’s room taking out all the toys that were too young and packing them into the garage, washing down from the line, washing onto the line, put some washing on, made sandwiches for dinner, ate dinner, watched a bit of TV, did a small amount of knitting, putmore washing on the line, emptied the bottom of the dishwasher, tidied my room again!, did some blogging, wrote a list, went shopping, collected Elsie from nursery (Wednesday is Auntie Stephie treat day so I get to give her a treat – today it was chocolate!), brought the cold and frozen shopping upstairs and into the fridge when it arrived, ate supper cooked by Alice, drank two ciders, wrote some emails, checked Facebook, checked WordPress for comments and wondered what I would write in my blog today!

When I was out getting Elsie’s chocolate, I wondered how many of you have seen Australian currency and thought it might be nice to show you what it looks like.  “Australia was the first country in the world to have a complete system of bank notes made from plastics (polymer).  These bank notes provide much greater security against counterfeiting.  The polymer notes are cleaner than paper notes, are more durable and easily recyclable.” Wikipedia 

So here are the front of the notes…

And the backs ….


And the coins… I am just missing the two dollar one which is smaller than the one dollar coin.

The exchange rate means that for every pound you get two dollars approximately so it feels like you are doubling your money but then everything costs more! 

Quote for the day: 


are soon parted!


5 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 8th March

  1. I’m pretty sure that larva is a stage in insect development and lava is the stuff that flows from an erupting volcano but I haven’t checked it so correct me if I’m wrong! The polymer notes sound like a good idea – why we don’t do it this way is anybody’s guess. Xx

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    1. I checked you are right it is lava cake! Never was the best at spelling! The U.K. are planning to introduce polymer notes but I think they were waiting to see what happened with the Australian ones! X


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