Byron Bay – 8th March

Up early again to help with Elsie and this time she let me put her hair up in a small pony tail. Very exciting for an Auntie!  Once she was off to school I caught up with Eastenders – we are about 3 weeks behind the uk here so Valantine’s Day has just happened!  Not sure the story lines are very realistic – things that should take a while to sort out seem to happen over night and others seemingly drag on when they don’t need too!  Anyway, knitted my way through that!

Just to let you know there was no spider in the shower this morning.  Now I know some people may think that this might be a little more dangerous but I am hoping that it has found a better home!😀

Alice and I finished sorting old clothes for the charity shop and for eBay – just need to wash and iron everything!  We had scrabbled egg on toast for lunch – Alice is very good at making it so I am very lucky and have now had it twice this week!  That was followed by more TV and knitting and then we went for a few things from ALDI and then Alice said she wanted a larva cake – I had no idea what one was until I saw it….

Basically, hot gooey chocolate inside chocolate sponge! Very yummy.  I also tried lemon, lime and bitters which is similar to our bitter lemon but with a bitter after taste.  I tried to get used to it but luckily Alice likes it so she drank most of it!

Then it was time to get Elsie from nursery. Jon came home from work and made fish soup for supper which was very tasty.

The evening will be no surprise – blogging, knitting and a bit of TV.  It seems that not a lot has happened today but there was some tidying, dishes and washing going on inbetween. The knitting is coming on really well and I have three squares until the end of this strip. 😀. I have included a pen to give some idea of scale!


Quote for today: “A little of what you fancy does you good!”  I am enjoying things that Alice has on her list to enjoy before the baby gets here!  However, I looked up the origins of the saying which I can’t repeat on here! Try this link if you really must know Contains Adult Content! ðŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 8th March

  1. Not a great fan of spiders I just remind myself that they catch flies which is a good thing and their webs are beautiful. Lava cake – mmmmmm! Your knitting is growing well and your cardi is now completed and waiting for you to finish. Xx

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    1. I notice you have spelt Lava differently to me – do I need to edit my post to correct my spelling? Thanks for doing the cardigan I owe you one! I want to finish this third of the throw by Sunday so I have to keep working on it! Xx


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