Byron Bay to Gold Coast – 5 th March

Just a warning – I have written this once and it was supposed to save until I could put the final touches to it and it wasn’t there when I pulled up the page.  I am not a happy bunny so I hope this doesn’t come across in what I write.

Anyway, this morning I got up at 8 am to get ready to go to the Gold Coast with Alice, Jon and Elsie.  I was running on time and in fact had quite a few minutes to spare so it wasn’t a problem talking to Castell before we left as he has an audition tomorrow.  The next thing I know is Alice telling me they were ready to leave and waiting in the car.  I said a hasty goodbye and rushed out with my stuff and my toothbrush in my mouth!  I sat in the car at 9:28 – phew!

The journey took about an hour and a half and I managed to knit most of the way there which has brought my throw on no end.  I was doing the bobble square.  The pattern, once you have it in your head , is simple but it takes time to make the bobbles.  We arrived at Seaworld just as it was opening so Elsie and Jon hopped out and Alice and I went to a spa swimming pool around the corner.  The weather was grey and overcast  but it was a lovely open air pool – lovely because there wasn’t anyone in it when we arrived and we we able to swim up and down in our own lanes.  As it was so peaceful I was able to practise my front crawl. I swam one crawl length and one breast stroke length to recover!  By the end I was able to swim a whole length of front crawl when concentrating hard not to swallow half the pool.

Once we had showered and dressed we went for lunch in a food hall at a shopping centre.  It was good because then we could bothe have what we liked.  Alice had noodle soup and I had a Ceasar salad wrap, a cup of tea and a duffin!  For those of you that don’t know what a duffin is – it is a croissant filled with Nutella and warmed!

All I can say is yum, yum and more yum!

We did a little bit of shopping  – a bed guard, some new undies for Elsie, hangers for the new baby clothes and a couple of DVDs for next weekend.  Then it was time to collect Jon and Elsie, they had had a fabulous time watching seals and penguin etc.  By the time we reached the appartment Elsie was asleep in the car so we took it in turns watching her – more knitting time for me!

When Elsie woke up we went for a walk on the beach which was as deserted as the pool had been – probably something to do with the weather!


After the beach, Alice and I went for provisions and Jon and Elsie went swimming!  At about 6, I dropped Jon to meet with friends as they were going to a concert and picked up Pizza on the way back.  All we could do then was to watch a bit of tv and the only thing we could find suitable for Elsie was a Sponge Bob Square Pants movie which was particularly bad.  When that ended it was bed time but I stayed up and watched Prissilla, Queen of the Desert which I think was on because it was Sydney Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gra weekend.  It was an okay film and it gave me an opportunity to do more knitting!

But the time I hit the sack I had finished the bobbles and was well into the fourth square – a swirly pattern that I haven’t mastered yet and have to keep checking the pattern!

Quote:  This is going to be a completely random one! Even though it is a bit fuzzy! Lol



2 thoughts on “Byron Bay to Gold Coast – 5 th March

  1. A nice easy lunch to replicate when you come back! Good on you with all the swimming. Will you continue with it here? Loved the quote and will use it regularly. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Swimming is a great way to cool off and it is extremely nice to swim in an almost empty pool but not sure when pools might be empty particularly of children! So who knows – not promising myself anything just yet! 😀


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