Byron Bay – 4th March

This morning and I was awake as Alice came back from dropping Elsie.  I didn’t feel like I had a particularly good night but what did it matter.  Alice suggested that we went to Bangalow for a cream tea.  We left at 10 and parked in the main street to see if we could find a shop with the Baungalow Country Women’s Association in it.  To our delight it was there and there were a couple of ladies in the shop – apparently they meet up most Wednesday’s at 9:30 for a knitting session where they share their skills.  Sounds like my sort of thing although getting up in time to get there for 9:30 may be a challenge!

We continued our wander to the Bangalow Museum and Tea Rooms where we were warmly greeted by one of the volunteers.  We sat on the verandah and ordered our cream teas.  We saw this bush…

A lemon bottlebrush in bloom which was nice as the red bottlebrush I saw on my bush walk on Phillip Island wasn’t blooming.  And in it was this bird…


As far as I can work out it is a white napped honeyeater but I am willing to stand corrected by a more knowledgeable twitcher!

Cream tea then arrived….

Once we had stuffed ourselves we had a wander through the museum which was very quaint and interesting but we never did find out why it is called Bangalow! I bought a linen t-towel for a Xmas present and some earrings as I had broken my blue ones.  We wandered back to the car and we’re back in Byron Bay by about 1pm.

Alice went for her nap and I caught up on Eastenders and Hatch, Match and Dispatch – a programme about the dealings of an Australian registry office which I find really interesting after all my research into the family tree!  I also did some knitting –  every chance I get as I need to get to a third done very soon otherwise I won’t have much chance of getting it finished here! 

When Jon got home with Elsie we all went to the pool for a swim.  It was a bit packed for my liking but there was a lane just for Alice and I to swim up and down.  The swim was refreshing and cool  – a lovely way to end the day.

Supper was fish and chips oven style, followed by an earlier than usual departure to my room as Elsie was very tired!   I spent the evening blogging, knitting and watching CSI. Here are squares two and three of strip three!  The first was a basic cable stitch to give the twists and the second has knitted stitches in reverse stocking stitch to make a pebbledash look.

The next square has the bobbles which represent pebbles in the seaside based throw.

Quote for today which sums up the people we met in Bangalow!



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