Gold Coast to Byron Bay – 6th March

Happy Mother’s Day everyone  – I am pleased to report I spoke to Castell this morning on Face Time and he wished me a Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope my Mum  enjoys her greetings from Australia and gift (not from Australia!)!  I am wondering if my Grannie got her chocolates on the day or has had to wait for the parcel.  I usually visit her every school holidays and take her a box of Thorntons – she says they are her favourite and I like them too!  I have missed half-term being here and will miss Easter so I sent her two boxes – I wonder how long it will take her to finish them off!

Up again at the crack of dawn – well nearly!  We put the apartment back into order washing dishes and putting beds back where we found them and we were out by 9:30 to have a slap up breakfast at Sizzler.  I must say it was great to have an all you can eat buffet breakfast as I love scrambled eggs but am terrible at cooking them!  By the end of about half an hour we were all stuffed!  Then it was back to Byron Bay via some of the Gold Coast Highway with me driving – it was nice to get a closer look at some of the suburbs. By the time we got home everyone else was shattered so disappeared to bed for a couple of hours.

I spent the time knitting.  I finished the swirly pattern and then started a really easy block pattern where you alternate blocks of stocking stick and reverse stocking stitch.

Supper was a chicken wraps – I did the prep and Jon cooked the chicken on the BBQ.  The evening was a Skype call with Auntie Liz and it was good to catch up with all her news.  One of the draw backs of doing a blog is that although everyone knows what I am up to (well most of it!) I have no idea what other people are doing.  I know the time difference can be a pain but it is possible to keep in touch using FaceTime, whatsapp, email and Skype!  Unfortunately, my phone will only take messages from other iPhones!  Any text messages you have sent since I got here and I haven’t answered means that I haven’t received them!  Please don’t be a quiet reader of my blog – let me know what you are up to too but be aware that blog comments are public.  I would also like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone that has been in touch so far however they are keeping in touch and to keep it up as it means a great deal to me.  Oh and I can also play Words With Friends on my iPad if anyone wants a game! 😀

I finished the evening with a bit of TV and more knitting so completed the blocks and started the cobble stones!

Quote for today – which just about sums it up for me!



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