Byron Bay – 3rd March

This morning I was awake as Alice took Elsie to nursery.  When she got back she booked a massage for this morning.  Whilst she was out I washed all the baby stuff that Alice had saved.  I also emptied and cleaned her saucepan and Tupperware cupboard – very hot and sweaty work.  But I like organising things so I was in my element.  When she got back and had had some lunch we put everything she wanted to keep in the organisers and on the one shelf.  Unfortunately, one of the shelves was missing a leg so that had to go back.

After a shower and a bite of lunch myself I decided to take the car to Ballina where I could get shelf replaced and buy another one.  We also needed some blackout material for a door without a curtain so I thought I could get that too.  Replacing the shelf turned into a bit of a fiasco but eventually I walked out with two working shelves.  Kmart didn’t have the baby changing mat either even though it says it has on the Internet.  I asked but they didn’t have any out the back either though five were on order!  Next stop was the Lincraft store I had been to before – I decided that white probably wasn’t Alice’s favourite colour for a tank top so I exchanged it for a lovely deep blue – more about that when I get around to knitting it!  I then had time to try and find a shop called Spotlight similar to The Range but not quite so well organised.  Here is the knitting aisle….

I asked on of the shop assistants if any of the yarn they sold was Australian grown and processed, as I usually do when I go into a shop selling yarn. The answer was no, you won’t get any like that here!  Funnily enough, with my new found knowledge of Australian yarn I did find some  that said “Made in Australia”!  I found a couple of colours that I thought would complement the yarns I had already bought.

And it was in the sale!  Patons was a brand that I had not come across in Australia as being “Made in Australia” b it that’s what it says on the packet!  I also bought some needles and yarn for me to teach Elsie one day when I have Elsie on my own.  More on that when I give it a go!  Finally, at the till I saw a  bitter lemon drink so I bought that too.  It was lovely and cold and really refreshing.

I got home in time for a supper of salmon, mash and broccoli – yum.  Followed by an evening of tidying, blogging and knitting.

Quote for today: “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” E.L. James


6 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 3rd March

  1. Really enjoying reading your blog and feel almost ‘homesick’ especially as it has turned very cold here and I do not like cold weather. Glad you found the laminations too – they are yummy and I devoured several packets – have a recipe for them which my aunt brought back in the 50s from our Aus relatives and I make them every Christmas.

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    1. I may have to invite myself to your house around Christmas then! Lol. Glad you are enjoying the blog and thank you for commenting! It is nice to get feedback from the people who are reading what I am writing.


  2. we were always told that babies often only turned in the last 2 weeks so let’s hope that’s the case. Shopping in Kmart – good memories of Atlanta! Your Aussie throw is going to be beautiful with all that lovely wool. Xx

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    1. Here is hoping the baby does one last summersault (sp?)! I think the American KMart are much bigger and with more stuff if memory serves me right! I am quite looking forward to knitting this throw – if for nothing else to see what it will look like. It would be a fitting ending to the blog! Xx


  3. we had a snow day today which was interesting and world book day. Sounds like you had a very different day šŸ™‚ glad you had a yarning success xxxx


    1. Sounds like it is bitterly cold over there at the moment – not always sunny here though as you will see from Saturday’s blog. World book day – I could actually read a book now rather than trying to persuade others to read or finding some sort of dressing up costume! Thanks for your comments! Xxx


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