Byron Bay – 2nd March

Up at the crack of dawn for me today or mid morning if you are Elsie, Alice and Jon!  I was Alice and Elsie’s chauffeur for the day!  First, we dropped Elsie at nursery and then we headed for the motorway to the Gold Coast.  Alice had an appointment with the doctor to check on the baby.  We made good time and Alice explained what to do and where to go if I was driving her.  We found a great parking spot and headed for the lifts.  The hospital reminded me of the one where my son was born and the system was pretty much the same.

Everything is fine with Alice’s baby although it is still breach so she will have another appointment next week – more driving but that’s fine.  Brought back loads of memories of my doctor’s appointments when I was pregnant.

After the doctors we went to a store called KMart and looked for a few things that Alice needed.  It took a while to find these things…. A large pullout organiser times three…

And long wire shelves times three…

We couldn’t find a baby changing mat even though the website said they had them.  But now we were both in need of some lunch.  We headed down to Coolangatta and We drove around with Alice showing me where they are planning to move to.  I think it will be asker to live in the Byron Bay.  Eventually, we ended up in a Mexican restaurant called The Aztec.  We both ordered ribs and had some corn chips and dips to start.  As it was lunchtime it was half price which was an added bonus!  It was lovely to spend some quality time with Alice on her own – I don’t know about her but for me she is very easy to be around and a great person to have as one of my amazing sisters!  She then insisted on paying!🤔

We had an uneventful journey home and collapsed in a heap to watch a bit of TVs until it was time to collect Elsie.  As it was a Wednesday it was Auntie treat night and I could give here the Jelly Tots that she had just noticed that morning.  She was pleased to see me and hadn’t seen the sweets until after I gave her a hug.  She said she want to eat them at home and no she didn’t want to walk to the post box with me!  I dropped her of with her Mum and popped to post the booking form for the Cairns trip.  It won’t go until tomorrow but at least it is done.

We had a light supper of cheese on toast and I spent the evening watching some more CSI.  I have spent a lot of time knitting today – waiting for the doctors, when we got home and this evening.  And, hooray! I have finished the second strip!

I always look forward to the next strip as it is like starting something new – I am never sure which stitches I am going to do and in which order!

One quote for today could be “A change is as good as a rest.”  As Alice and I have done something different.

Or because I am a plodder and I will finish the throw before I go ……

PS: Is anyone counting how many times I have used the words fortunately and unfortunately?


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