Byron Bay – 1st March

I can’t believe it is the first of March all ready.  Time seems to have flown by.  Anyway, this was the first day for Alice on maternity leave without Elsie.  After a late breakfast on my part I helped Alice get the house straight by doing the hoovering for her.  She also said she wanted to get a pedicure and managed to get us appointments at 12.  We made it in plenty of time but there was a delay in us starting and it was really too long for Alice to sit in one place. So half way through I said they should finish her first so she could go home and rest.  My toes nails went from this….

To this….

Afterwards I did some ALDI shopping so there would be some bread for lunch and went back.  It was actually quite difficult to walk as they had smothered my feet in some sort of oil which made my feet slip about in my flip flops.  Alice was napping when I got back so I changed my shoes and went in search of some Sinple shampoo and Simple shower gel.  I have found Simple everything else but neither of the ones that I use.  In the end I bought some pure baby shower gel and I hope that will be okay until my son brings me some Simple stuff at Easter.

I also popped into my favourite clothes shop and found a couple of really gorgeous tops.  I probably shouldn’t have bothered packing many clothes as I have mostly worn what I have bought here as it has been so hot.  Alice emerged shortly after I got back and we caught up on some tv before Jon and Elsie came home.

I spent the evening doing some stuff on the Internet and getting on with the knitting.  I am making real headway know and just have two squares to go before I have finished this strip.

I was trying to find a quote to reflect something of today.  The first is a nice one and the second is a bit rude but it made me laugh so I had to include it!


Apologies to anyone I may have offended!


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