Byron Bay – 29th February

This morning I thought I was going to get an easy morning while Alice took Elsie to football but it was cancelled!  Alice asked if I would drive them to a place called the farm so Elsie could see the pigs and play in the playground.  After a very quick shower we were off.  On the way we called into an art shop for some big bits of paper which I am going to use to draw my family tree on so that I can get it straight in my head.

At the farm I expected a working farm which had diversified to welcome visitors.  Well, The Farm does that but on a completely different scale.  In the farm shop there was a bakery, frozen food, organic food, cookery books etc.  It was attached to the cafe where you could get a coffee and the. There was also a huge restaurant.  Anyway, in the shop I saw these…

They are reusable bees waxed cloths that you can use to cover food.  What a good idea I thought – until I saw the prices!  I am going to see if I can source them some where else cheaper.

We had our tea, coffee and baby chino and then headed for the playground.  Elsie climbed, slid and swang her way through it and then we went to find the pigs.  There we not very obliging and stayed too far away for us to get a good look at them.  At 12:30 we headed home for lunch.

Whilst Elsie and Alice were napping I finally caught up with my blog and tidied my room  and all the things I had bought back from Melbourne.  I then spent time knitting while Elsie and Alice played a dancing and singing dvd – a lot of the songs I remember from when my son was small.  And then it was time for me to cook –  good old spag bol but using farfalle instead of spaghetti.  I even managed to get some green peppers and courgette into the sauce which was gobbled up by Elsie.

When I came downstairs I spent the evening doing some more knitting while I listened to some TED talks and watched some CSI on catch up tv.  This is how far I am with my knitting…..

Only three squares to go before I have finished this strip!  As they are repeating patterns I have done before these squares shouldn’t take me too long.😀

Quote for my friends – you know who you are!



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