Byron Bay – 28th February

So this morning I decided to get some physical stuff sorted.  The washing went on the line first.  Earlier in the week Elsie and I had taken most of Alice’s shoes out of the cupboard to try and find her flip flops.  I took all the shoes out to find those that didn’t fit her any more and the flip flops and then I put them all back again in their pairs.  The only problem with doing anything in Byron Bay is that you get hot and sweaty almost straight away!  A shower came next just before Elsie went for her nap.  I went out for a salad and a cup of tea in my usual spot!


It was a delicious salad.  While I was there I started writing more postcards.  I had lots that I had bought while in Melbourne and I had the stamps ready so there was no excuse!  Once I had finished my salad and tea I found a table near the beach in the shade and finished off these postcards.

As you can probably guess it was quite windy outside!  I had to chase some of them when they blew away!  I must say it was very refreshing to sit in the wind as it makes the heat so much more bearable and the humidity was lower too.  Much more my sort of temperature!  Once done I walked back to the postbox and posted them all.  They probably won’t go until tomorrow but at least I had done what I needed to do.

Elsie and Alice were awake when I got back and were planning to go out to the park.  We went out with Elsie’s scooter which she found a bit troublesome on the way there so we only got to the nearest park.  Elsie had a good long swing, had a go on the slide and a climb in the tree.  Then Alice needed the toilet so Elsie and I stayed and played in the park together.  She played some more on both swings, and we got very wet when it rained!  When she realised that Mummy was staying at home decided that she wanted to go home too!  She got back on the scooter and I attached a belt to the handles to help her steer and she was off. We scooted to the point we had to get off to go home, but she wanted to scoot some more! So we scooted back to the playground and then back again at which point both of us had had enough.  We had a lovely walk home and she held my hand when we got to the road.  A lovely half hour of Auntie time!

This evening I managed to find some catch up telly on the Internet and sat and watched and knitted.  An enjoyable end to an enjoyable day!

As you can see I am more than half way through the second strip?  Must keep at it though!

Quote for today:



2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 28th February

  1. Your auntie time sounds as good as my granny time! Hope you’ve got some Australian goodies for your ‘magic bag’. Xx


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