Byron Bay – 27th February

This was one of those days where I had nothing planned but had a nice day!  I helped Alice with Elsie’s bed, changing sheets and getting them in the wash and on the line.

Jon was working so after their nap we went to a park I hadn’t been too.  Elsie loves the swings and had me swinging her very high which she loves.  While we were there we saw some Galah’s or rose-breasted cockatoo.  I didn’t have my camera with me but this is what they look like and they are found all over Australia.

When we got back we ordered Chinese for supper as Jon doesn’t like it and he was still at work!  We had prawn toast, chicken chow mien, prawns in a garlic sauce and some special fried rice.  Afterwards we were stuffed!  Elsie ate the fortune cookies! 

Before Elsie went to bed we caught up on a programme I had found in Melbourne called Hatch, Match and Dispatch about life in a registry office.  In doing all my research on the family tree I have realised how important these places are!  Of course,  they use the most interesting stories they can!


Once Elsie was asleep Alice found an episode of CSI that neither of us had seen and we watch that until about 10:30 which was late for Alice!  Of course, I was knitting throughout as I am getting through the second strip.

Quote today is from the fortune cookie : Don’t be afraid to make a decision.


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 27th February

  1. Love the idea of making a throw with all the lovely yarn you have bought there – perfect memory. Keep a list of where you bought them! Am intrigued about the smell as you mention it a couple of times – must admit I’ve never noticed it here. Glad you had a good trip. Love the birds – even the pigeons look exotic! Is the red breasted cockatiel the Australian equivalent of our robin? Xx


    1. I have got all my wool shop memorabilia stuck in the journal the knitting group gave me and I thought I would stick the ball bands in as well when I knit the throw. I am not sure those birds are the equivalent of our robins as they fly about in flocks rather than singularly or in pairs. I will keep a look out for a bird that fits better and keep you posted!


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