Byron Bay – 26th February

A very lazy morning catching up on Eastenders which Alice had kindly saved for me to watch.  I was just getting to the last one when Jon came home for lunch!  I showered and went out to get ice cream and bread with Alice.  After the ice cream I went back out to get stamps, a game to place with Elsie, some money from the cash point and  baby card for a friend back home who has just had her baby.

After that I decided to get a cup of tea and cookie (exactly the same as the one I had before) and I started to read this book.

It was a Christmas present and I didn’t get time to read it before I came over – I was a little busy!  It is a very good book, funny and informative.  It also makes some perceptive observations which you would only understand if you had been to Australia.  After the tea, I took my book to a picnic table close to the beach and continued to read.  During a pause in reading I noticed these birds doing a dance and strutting about. 

I thought they looked quite exotic until I found out they were called Creasted Pigeons!  This is what they look like up close and no I didn’t take this photo!

There are loads of different birds here and they all look very interesting which is why I am including them in my blog!  It also makes me find out what they are called!  Perhaps I should have a poster of Australian birds so I can identify them more quickly!

When I got home I spent some time catching up on my blog (I have been days behind!) until a friend of Jon’s arrived to watch a rugby game.  Actually, even though I don’t like sport much, it was actually a good game!  I also realised that if Jon was drinking then I had to remain sober in case Alice needed to be whisked off to hospital.  Jon did another bbq and as usual it was good grub.

Quote/idiom for today: If you can beat them, join them! Especially when it comes to sport! 


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