Melbourne to Byron Bay – 25th February

So my last morning here and I had to be up and out by 9:30 in order to check out and be on time for my airport pick up.  I managed to squash my stash and clothes into my suitcase and handbag.  I wondered if it was over weight still.  I had bought extra luggage allowance on-line as I was over weight on the way and paid a lot of money at the airport.  I left my room hoping for the best with a list of items I could ditch if necessary – the yarn wasn’t one of them!

I knitted all the way to the airport as there were seven other passengers to collect.  I checked in after weighing my case – just under 10kg so I should be fine.  I spent time blogging in the airport waiting for the flight to be called.  My case was weighed when I showed my boarding card and everything was fine.  I made my way to the boarding gate and just before leaving the building there was another member of staff with a case size checker.  Now my case fits into these checkers when it is not crammed full of yarn.  I hope he didn’t want to check my bag!  As I handed my boarding pass over again the staff member was distracted by another staff member.  As I took my boarding pass back I heard him say “Madam”, I presumed he was talking to someone else and just kept walking!  Either he wasn’t talking to me or he couldn’t be bothered to haul me back.  I just kept on walking and didn’t look back!

The flight was uneventful and we landed early.  I was really lucky with my transfer back to Byron Bay as the driver had waited for me and I got straight on.   There was a couple of guys on the bus that I chatted to on and off during the journey.  They were in Byron Bay on business for a couple of days.  I never did find out what sort of business.  I knitted most of the way home until we got off the freeway and it got too bumpy.  There are only so many dropped stitches I can cope with!  I was the last drop off but managed to make it back just after 4pm.  Not a bad journey at all really.

Well, I promised to let you know how my knitting has been doing – not quite a square a day but not far off!

I spent the evening emptying my case and sorting my stuff out.  Here is the yarn I have smuggled back to Byron Bay.

I know it isn’t really smuggling but it felt a bit like that!  I think it will make a lovely throw to remind me of Melbourne and it smells and feels wonderful!

Quote again in picture form!



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