Byron Bay – 17th February

Auntie duty again this morning as Elsie still wasn’t well enough for nursery.  We went out to try and find some new hair slides and pick up some milk!  We only managed to find silver ones so I will keep my eyes open when I go to Melbourne.

Just before 2pm I made my way over to the library for the meeting of textile ladies.  I met a lovely lady called Wendy who spend an hour with me explaining how the group worked and that there were usually more people than just her!  She left at 3pm but as the library was so cool and it was so hot outside I decided to stay until Elsie woke up (I didn’t want to wake her when I went in either).  I enjoyed another hour of knitting and just as I was about to leave another new lady asked me if I was the textile group!  I told her that I was a new lady too and she said she would come back next month.

When I got home I worked out what we were having for supper and started to sort out what I was going to take to Melbourne.  I cooked a nice tuna pasta bake whilst I was on Auntie duty again!

After supper I finally sorted all my stuff out, did some more research on our family tree – I may have found some live ones!!  I need to confirm this with Dad or the person I have found.  I then watched some Victoria Wood whilst finishing my final square of the first strip!  Hooray!

So only another eight strips and 88 squares! 😀

Today’s quote is from Lynn “Don’t expect anything and then you won’t be disappointed!” It is what I said to myself when there wasn’t much of a textile group! Better luck next time!


3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 17th February

  1. Hi Steph have a great time in Melbourne the quote is actually from my dad, I think it’s quite negative however at least you can’t be disappointed! But always look for the positive and make the most every day and opportunity xxxx

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