Byron Bay to Melbourne – 18th February

Hi from Melbourne!  I made it. 😅

I had to wake up early today so I could make sure I was ready for the bus to collect me.  Elsie helped me with my packing and I was outside at 10:15.  A bus arrived at 10:30 across the road so I made a dash for it only to find that it was not my bus and the one I needed was back on the other side of the road – another quick dash and I got in sweating away!  The weather in Byron Bay was very hot and humid.  The bus ride was as interesting as a ride down the motorway can get in a foreign country but I did see these signs.

They made me smile and think of a couple of people back home who may have needed these on our motorway exits in their younger days!  You know who you are! 😀

I got to Gold Coast airport in plenty of time and queued for a while to book in.  My hand luggage weighed more than 7kg as they weigh your handbag too (that’s where I put my heavy stuff!).  I had to pay a surcharge of $46 so I will need to check before I go back to see if it is cheaper on line.  The flight was good, there was an empty seat next to me and I finished my book.

When I got to Melbourne the weather was warm but dry just perfect!  I had a short wait for the bus transfer and then a very long journey to Punthill appartments as I was the last drop off!  I was very happy to get here and this is my bed for the next week.

I popped out for supplies and came back to relax, watch a bit of tv, send some emails and do a bit of knitting.  One of the emails I sent was, hopefully,to one of my relatives in Melbourne.  We shall see what happens.

Quote for the day is: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” Benjamin Franklin.


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay to Melbourne – 18th February

  1. Wow how wonderful to see all that wildlife especially the Penguins . And great to find relatives entrieged to find out more, hopefully you’re having a chilled day today xx


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