Byron Bay – 16th February

Another quiet day.  After catching up with my blog and doing various chores – more washing and trying to get packed for Melbourne I had lunch.  Elsie was home as she had had a bad night with her cough and she was asleep until I had just finished my lunch.  I was then on Auntie duty as Jon was at work and Alice had a load to do.  She was fractious and wanting Mummy but after watching some Pepper Pig, a yoghurt, more Pepper Pig, eating an ice pole, more Pepper Pig and hugging a wrapped ice block she fell asleep.  When she woke up she wanted a cuddle and promptly fell asleep again.  I was planning to do some knitting whilst watching her sleep but I was unable to 1) have you ever tried to knit with a small child on your lap? And 2) at some point during proceeding I leant on my knitting back and heard a crack!


Yes, I had broken my needle! šŸ˜©. (Many apologies to Auntie Lizzy as these were her needles and expensive ones at that!). Fortunately, I am going to Melbourne in a few days and I don’t know if I have mentioned this before (šŸ˜‰) but I have a lot of wool shops to visit!  So I should be able to replace them to complete the throw and return them to Auntie Lizzy when I get home!

Being a resource person I applied the sellotape fixing technique and have managed to repair them enough to continue knitting.  It is a little Wobblies to knit but the end result is the same.


 I spent the evening watching the film “Stranger than Fiction” which had Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifa and Emma Thompson in it.  It was a very good film, easy to watch and I enjoyed it.  Whilst watching I finished knitting another square and am 15 rows (of 50) into the last square.  I will work hard to finish it tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 16th February

  1. There is nothing better than to have a small child fall asleep on your knee. That’s what Aunties are for. I’ve seen all the Peppa episodes too. Quite miss them now that Rachel is older but she has introduced me to Despicable Me – loved it! Xx


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