Byron Bay – 15th February

An even quieter day today.  I was on Auntie duty from 7:30am as Alice and Jon had to go up to the Gold Coast for Doctors visits – all okay! By the time I got back to the house I was feeling a bit under the weather so I used that as an excuse to sit on the sofa knitting and watching Judge Judy on TV!  I managed to completed nearly two squares..

As you can see I am 1 1/2 squares from finishing the first strip.  Which I am aiming to do before I go to Melbourne!

The next strip doesn’t have quite so many complicated squares so should be relatively quick to knit up!

I did manage to get some washing done, do a bit of shopping and try and catch up with organising my Melbourne trip.  I have now booked the airport transfers so just need to get up early on Thursday!  I also checked out some of the wool shops and one of them has closed down – fortunately it was one of the farthest from where I am staying so will cut down traveling time.  I am also trying to group them togetherness so I can perhaps visit 3 per day!?  I would also like to visit Penguin Island and tour the Great Ocean Road which is apparently very beautiful!  So that means two of the days will be touring if I can book tickets!  Is m getting quite excited.

Also, I need to visit Kew Cemetery where some of my relatives on my Dad’s side are buried but fortunately it is near to two of the wool shops!  Finally, I got an email from Dad saying that my research was correct and I do have relatives that went to Brisbane!  He also found another relative on Ancestry that I didn’t know about so I got all excited again and spent a good couple of hours doing more research!  I will send Dad my results so he can verify them for me.  You never know I may find a living one that I can meet up with!

Here is a quote from Judge Judy :”If you tell the truth then you don’t need a good memory!”  So good I wrote it down!


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 15th February

  1. Patrick island and penguins worth visit.we picked up trip when we arrived in Melbourne easy.on way stopped at vineyard for lunch it was a good day trip.booked trip from tourist information by finders street station.also had tide on a trolley bus.x

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