Byron Bay – 14th February

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This morning I was rudely awoken by a FaceTime from my son and it wasn’t to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day as it was still 13th for him!  He woke me from a dream about people in the UK that has stayed with me all day.  I have been having a lot of dreams here – probably my brain sorting all the rubbish from my head!

During nap time I went out to for some fresh air.  I bought a tuna salad roll from Subway and some water and found a bench  to sit at.   This was my view in front …..

The beach is just past the bushes behind the shower.  There are lots of these showers all along the beach – very handy for sandy feet.  To my right this view ….

And behind me Alice and Jon’s place can just be seen above the first car and behind the palm trees.


It was a lovely peaceful time during which I ate my lunch, read my book (the reading sunglasses worked a treat) and did some knitting.  I was disturbed by a number of things.  Firstly, a young French woman who had her bag stollen on the beach and was seeing if it had been dropped somewhere, secondly by a couple who sat on a bench not far away and the woman spoke loudly enough for me to eavesdrop – which I happily did until I realised I wasn’t interested in her not so nice gossip, thirdly by a selection of bird life….. A white Ibis.


and a wild turkey…

and Masked Lapwings and a flock of seagulls which I didn’t manage to get photos of!

The French woman came back and I asked if there was anything I could do – did she have a phone, money?  Fortunately, she had her brother with her so she wasn’t on her own.  I always think that if my son needed help someone would be kind enough to help him and so like to offer assistance if the opportunity comes up.

I got home just after Elsie had woken up and not long after we made out way to the pool.  On the way there Alice and I talked some more about tracing ancestors who had come to Australia and about Gran’s Auntie Winnie who came to Sydney sometime around 1920.  I said if I could get more information like dates and full names I would look into it for her.  I have done quite a lot of searching for Dad for the Parker family tree and I only hope that my results are not red herrings!  It is odd to think that I may have more relatives over here than I area day know about.  I am not sure if I shall find a living relative though as the privacy laws have changed since 1980 making it more difficult to trace people that are still alive.

Anyway, I managed 10 lengths in the pool today which I know isn’t many but it is the most I have done so I am quite happy with myself.

I am writing this blog after having had a bolognase supper and whilst I am waiting for another FaceTime with Castell.  Hopefully, he will ring before I fall asleep! Lol.

Quote for today about ancestors: “I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices.  I honour their history.  I cherish their lives.  I will tell their story.  I will remember them.” Anon


3 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 14th February

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying some much needed down time. Always healthy to get rid of ‘head’ rubbish! Good luck with your ancestor tracing. I always think that nobody really dies as long as somebody remembers them with love in their heart. Xx


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