Byron Bay – 13th February

A quiet morning – well after a FaceTime with Liz and Lynn and a quick view of Castell, Joe and Amelia!  Followed by lunch of cheese and cucumber sandwiches.  Then it was nap time for Alice and Elsie so I went shopping for bread, wheetabix and Lamingtons.  I also has a brilliant idea of getting hair grips for my hair as I am trying to grow it but it is getting on my nerves and in my eyes!  I managed to get really long ones and some short ones so I can see what works best.  I also got some sunglasses that are also reading glasses so I can go and read on the beach without two pairs of glasses on!  I decided to fill the rest of nap time with a cup of tea and a read of my book so I walked to a cafe near the beach.  I couldn’t resist the chocolate and coconut cookies!

One pot of tea was not enough so I went to the counter and asked for the same again.  When the waitress brought it over the cookie had turned into a chocolate brownie!  I couldn’t be rude so I took it anyway!  It was delicious!

I was just on my way to a park bench for some more reading and to try out my new glasses when I got the text that they were up.  Alice and I have been planning to walk back from the lighthouse for a while now and today was the day.  Jon and Elsie dropped us off at the light house about 5pm. 

Just to prove I went!  And that I was at the most easterly point on Australian mainland…

It was very windy there – so much for the hair grips holding my hair in place!  From that point on it was mostly down hill down a lot of steps – not so good for my knees but Alice can’t go too fast so we managed okay together.  We stopped to look out at the view.

Glorious, and then we had steps to go up – not so bad on the knees but it was one step at a time as the risers were quiet high.  And then we hit the beach and took our shoes of to walk in the surf – up where the Rock is in the sea.  There are also handy toilets up there and a cafe!

And this is where we were going…

Into the sun so no as easy to see!  We made it home for about 6:40 just minutes before the curry arrived from the takeaway!

The quote today goes: To my sisters please always remember…… I loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have, I always will. XX (Anon)


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