Byron Bay – 10th February

Today was a quiet day.  The weather was showery.  All I had to do was collect a parcel from the post office.  I left while the sun was shining and there was a breeze – pleasant weather to wander around in.  I got to the post office collected my parcel – my second packet of cotton for Elsie’s throw (I was beginning to worry that it wouldn’t get here!).   As I went to leave the rain poured and poured and poured.  I stopped waiting for it to stop and began browsing in the post office.  I managed to pick up a few gifts for the children in my family – not going to give the game away on here just in case!  Once I had exhausted the post office the rain had lessened enough for me to get next door to a tourist shop selling didgeridoos, crystals and aboriginal art.  I found a few interesting postcards…

All of these are examples of aboriginal art.

The rain stopped and the sun came out so I made my way back via ALDI to get some more Lamingtons.  I spent the rest of the afternoon writing to Castell a list of things he needs to remember before he leaves for his own trip to Australia!  I had real problems sending the emails using my iPad and it was quite frustrating but I got there in the end.

I cooked supper using a steamer – which took ages and doesn’t usually.  I do like the idea of a steamer and may purchase one when I get home.  You may have guessed that I am now on the rota for cooking!  Alice and Jon (I was going to say “we” but that would be a lie!) are trying to be healthy during the week so any recipes for fish or chicken without dairy would be much appreciated – the simpler the better!

Later I managed another instalment of my audio book and some knitting – another square done!

The quote for today comes in the form of a picture…



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