Byron Bay – 11th February

Was supposed to get up at 9am this morning but slept through the alarm – when I looked at my phone I realise the sound was turned right down!  Perhaps I am not fit to go back to work! 😄

A quick visit to the doctors for a repeat prescription was relatively painless as I now had my Medicare number it didn’t cost me anything!  I then had a trip to the chemist and purchased more postcards from the newsagents.

I really like the second one below and keep buying it!  Reminds me how big Australia really is!

I spent the afternoon doing some sewing – Alice and Jon’s couch needed some minor repairs, my handbag needed stitches in the lining and I needed to replace the elastic in a favourite pair of shorts.  All completed, although the ends of my fingers are a bit sore as I haven’t sewn for quite a while.

After the sewing, I tried to do some research for Dad into a branch of the family tree that emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1886.  It is really difficult to know if you have the right person especially if you don’t have accurate dates for births and deaths.  I have found information about the grave where a number of relatives have been buried and I am hoping to go and find it when I go to Melbourne.  I haven’t paid anything yet but perhaps I should do the 14 day trial and see what I come up with.

We had a visit from another of Jon and Alice’s friends this evening and Jon cooked skewers and sweet corn on the barbie!  He does make a mean skewer.  All washed down with a couple of bottles of cider – yum!

While they went out for the evening I did a bit more family tree research, then settled down to a bit more listening and knitting so now another square is done!

Ninety two squares to go!

Another quote in picture form that should make everyone who knows me at least smile if not laugh out loud!



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