Byron Bay – 9th February

Well, it is really good that I can’t post smells on here!  I am unclean! 😩 Today, our residential block had a planned power cut which we forgot about until the lights went out!  This was just after I woke up but before I had had a cup of tea or a shower!  You may have gathered or already know I am not an early riser.  I also woke up with one of my headaches so was a bit more befuddled than usual!

Alice realised she couldn’t work at home without the internet so took herself across the road to the nearest free wifi cafe!  I was going to stay in bed and rest my head until Alice sent me a text which said “”I’m sitting inside and gonna have toast too!”  The word toast had me and then I thought of a hot cup of tea and thought “Sod it” got dressed without a shower or hair wash, collected my stuff together and followed in Alice’s footsteps.  Two slices of toast and jam, two pots of tea, 3 Internet sessions for Alice and a good read later, I was feeling much better.  We went back to check the power at 12:00 when they said it would be back on – no power!  New time for power on 3:30! We grabbed lunch at “Subway” (yes, they have those here too!) and then headed for the library. Fully airconditioned, desks and power sockets available for free if you joined – which Alice did.  Once we had settled down I enjoyed over an hour reading knitting books and Alice endured work. 

One interesting idea in here!


Some nice ideas for new borns in this one!
Far too fiddly, but might be useful for applique on throws or blankets.
Really interesting book, with very interesting ideas – not sure about finger or arm knitting though!
Really liked this book, great read and had me daydreaming of another trip!
Around 3 I decided to come back to the house and build some furniture for the new baby.  I have been meaning to do it for a while but things have happened.  I didn’t need power and I could let Alice know if the power came back on.  It took me about 2 hours……..

Not the best picture of my IKEA chest of drawers.  I definitely used skills handed down from my Dad.  Organised and methodical meant I only made one slight error but realised very quickly and put it right with out wasting too much time.  I am actually quite impressed with the improved drawer designs which are much stronger and have built-in support for the bottom of each drawer.  The instructions were simple too!

I forgot to have a shower before Elsie went to bed and now I can’t until tomorrow morning! Never mind I will thoroughly enjoy one tomorrow!

Quote for today: “A woman is like a teabag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”  Eleanor Roosevelt 


4 thoughts on “Byron Bay – 9th February

  1. Seems like customer service is what it should be – to make shopping pleasant. The beach looked so lovely. Glad you took time out to just sit and enjoy. How are you going to stop yourself buying so many lovely knitting books! Xxx


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