Byron Bay – Thursday 4th February

A day for my chores today so I have paid bills, done some washing, bought some birthday cards, found a shop that sells Birkenstock waterproof sandals,  booked my Melbourne trip and found some Lamingtons!  Unfortunately, the bakery had run out but I found these in ALDI!

Fortunately, it isn’t quite as hot at the moment so I could force myself to take a bite so you could see what they look like inside.  All I can say is that that one didn’t last long.  Very scrummy and would have been even better with a cup of tea!

I have even done very well with my knitting and finished square 3 which fortunately was a simple pattern and I have started square 4.

So I have made a good start on this throw…..

only another 96 to go!

Quote for today: Though no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  Carl Bard


5 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Thursday 4th February

  1. Waterproof sandals just sound so unimaginable! Glad the lamingtons were good – hope there are none left by now. At the rate you are going the throw will be finished in no time. Love your quotes too. Xx


  2. HI Steph
    Missed you at knitting last night but we are glad to see that you are carrying on the good work. The squares seem to be coming on great. Take care and continue to enjoy.
    Luv from Maureen, Caroline, Jean and Gill.

    PS Caroline can’t believe you had to go all that way to go to Aldi’s when you you could haved gone to one round the corner.


    1. Hi, I am missing knitting too – perhaps I should start knitting on the beach and see who talks to me! I am hoping to hit a couple of knitting circles in Melbourne when I visit at the end of the month.
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! Xx


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