Byron Bay – Friday 5th Feb

This morning I was on Auntie duty taking Elsie to her football class.  I drove Alice’s car for the first time – it was an easy car to drive and the centre wasn’t too far away.  Elsie was very good.  This afternoon I was planning to build the IKEA chest of drawers that Alice and I picked up a couple of weeks ago.  I had dutifully counted out all the pieces and checked everything was there and in good order, then Jon arrived home feeling very unwell with a temperature!  As I was in their bedroom I carefully moved the piles of bits and made a hasty retreat so that a) I wouldn’t get it and b) he could sleep in peace.

As I was at a loose end I tidied my room up, found out how to claim for medical expenses, researched some family tree names for Dad and looked again at a two week coach tour up to Cairns.  It is a very expensive tour especially with a single person supplement so I am in two minds whether to book it or not.  I am going to ring them on Monday and have a chat.

Alice and I then went for a stroll around town for bits and pieces before picking Elsie up from nursery.  Near the ATM I spotted this community board.


It gives you some idea of what this place is like.  People who know me well will know that most of this is not my cup of tea!
This evening was another film “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” and more knitting.  I managed to finish the square I started yesterday day and started the next square but then made a mistake and had to undo about 10 rows!

  I have also decided that watching a film probably doesn’t help me do my knitting as I end up watching the film and not knitting.  So I thought I would try an audiobook!  iBooks doesn’t seem to have much of a selection and Steven Fry features prominently, anyway, I settled on a book called “A Man of Some Repute” by Elizabeth Edmondson.  It seems this works and I managed to knit away quite happily. Then I was interrupted by whatsapp! A lovely and enjoyable interruption from home I must say.  Also, I have learnt that I can’t keep knitting, follow a story line and whatsapp at the same time!  The pause button is really handy!

Thought for the day: Why isn’t 11 pronounced onety one?   A hark back to teaching Maths!


7 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Friday 5th Feb

  1. Hi Steph,had trouble finding your blog,but caught up now.aounds like your having are you finding Australia?i’m back dog blankets at moment though Caroline has found some charity knits.take care.jean


    1. Hello Jean, Glad you found it! Australia is good but it has rained on and off for days now. It is still warm but not beach or swimming weather! At least the dog blankets are as complicated as you want to make them. And you can watch telly at the same time! Enjoy the blog. Love Steph x


      1. After the heat it must be nice to have some cooler weather.ifnyou are in Melbourne on a Sunday they have a great craft market on the south bank.jean x


  2. Audio book sounds like a great idea . Whether on the beach or down the M1😃You sound like life is exactly as it should be ,relaxed and away from the hustle of London. Enjoying the knitting project as well


    1. I am going to see if I can get any of Radio 4 plays online too. It is relaxing here and it is good to have some peace in which to think about what I am going to do next! Take care up and down the M1! Love Steph x


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