Byron Bay – Wednesday 3rd February

Today I decided to have lunch out again whilst Elsie was home napping.  This time my plan was to have a lunch over looking the sea, write a few postcards, read a bit of my book and perhaps do a bit of knitting.  Lunch was gorgeous – spicy prawns and three dips with bread….

I was tempted to have a cocktail but settled for cranberry and ginger juice.  Thoroughly, enjoyed all of the food.  Managed to write three more postcards while waiting for and eating my food.  Unfortunately, two of the postcards got a bit wet and stuck to each other – I tried to dry them out and salvage them both as best I could as I had already put the stamps on them. So apologies for the state of those to cards!  Fortunately, I photographed them before they got wet!


There will be more postcards to come.  I am hoping to get through my address book at least once before I come back!  Before I could relax with my book Alice text to say Elsie wasn’t napping so I said I would go back early to look after Elsie so Alice could work.

Elsie and I made muffins for a mix we got from IKEA.  The idea is you just add water to the cartoon of mixture, shake and then pour.  Needless to say, it didn’t quite work that way and Elsie and I made a right mess and some quite tasty mini lemon muffins.

After supper I came down to watch another film “Don’t Say A Word”and finish another square.  I managed to start the square earlier whilst Elsie and I were waiting for the muffins to cook so already had an idea of the pattern – a much easier one than the first!


So that’s me for tonight and thankfully it is a little earlier than last night!


5 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Wednesday 3rd February

  1. Rebecca has just told me how to get on to this. Wow! It seems it hasn’t taken you long to settle in. Sounds like you are having fun. Keep the blogs comin and I’ll pass details onto mum and Jean. Take care xxx


  2. Great to see your knitting projects ! Very inspiring !
    I have sent you an email , have I got the right address ? I want to send you a photo of my pigeon outfits X Sal


  3. Love the postcards – really shows the scale of the countries. Going to Melbourne is equivalent to going from the top of Rumania to the bottom of Greece! Lunch looked really yummy. Looks like you had fun with the muffins. I was thinking that with the heat over there perhaps making some ice lollies would be good. Fruit filled for Elsie and perhaps cocktail based for you! Xx


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