Byron Bay – Tuesday 2nd Feb

By the time I had woken up, had breakfast, hoovered the lounge and showered it was time for my waxing appointment.  My appointment was at Be Waxed and Be Tanned with Phoebe who was a very down to earth local girl.  She was able to tell me about some of the backpackers in Byron which will be useful when I book accommodation for Castell and suggested places I should visit.  I shall be recommending this place to Alice when I get back.

I then decided that it was time I had my nails done too so I popped round to Nail Bar Cafe and made an appointment for 3pm.  I had a couple of hours til then so I found the only charity shop and had a mooch in there.  Managed to find some small needles and a ball of wool so that I can teach Elsie to knit – or at least try too!  I then met Alice in the supermarket for a spot of shopping in her lunch hour and she took my shopping back in the car!  And then I was hungry so I went to a pub for lunch.  The cider was great, cold, clear and crisp.

The burger was fine but there was too much extra stuff in it – bacon, onions, cheese, carrot, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoe!  All a bit too much even for me and I couldn’t eat it all!  I then made my way to the nail bar and had my toes nails painted a lovely shade of red!  I won’t post a picture of them just in case any one with a red toe nail foot fetish is reading this – whoops sorry that was so last year!

After supper I decided that I was going to finish the first square of Elsie’s throw so I got the room tidier, put a film on my iPad and settled into some solid knitting.  Well, I must be out of practise as I managed to watch the whole of “Algorithm:The Hacker Movie” and almost all of “‘Murder on Flight 502” before I had finished the square.  I must confess I made a few mistakes that had to be unpicked and done again but I was determined to get it done.  It was just before midnight when I completed it.

Only another 98 to go!


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Tuesday 2nd Feb

  1. Let’s hope that the first square was the most complicated and the rest will be plain sailing. Good to see you are pampering yourself a little. My favourite ‘old’ feel good films are Hobsons Choice and Harvey – ah! Xx


    1. I have just checked the pattern and I think a couple of the squares with cables in them may be a little more time consuming but square three should be quite straightforward once I have the pattern set. I also find that the square go quicker the more of them I have done as I remember some of the pattern but we shall see! X


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