Byron Bay – Monday 1st Feb

Well, my morning started by being pulled out of bed by the postman knocking at the door – who had a parcel for me!  I opened it to find the cotton that I had ordered for Elsie’s throw.  I had to order it from the UK which seems silly but there you go!  And the colour and smell is gorgeous…..

 Couldn’t wait to get started but had to wait until later in the day.
My day was filled will running Elsie’s trainers over to her nursery for football, hoovering and mopping the ground floor (very sweaty in the heat!) and hanging washing – all to help Alice out as she was working.  After showering I went to do some shopping, buying bread and  bin liners, some more shorts and booking myself in for a wax tomorrow.  Eyebrows, underarms and 1/2 leg is enough for me!  I then spent some time researching wool shops in Melbourne and I have found 10!  Apparently, it is much cooler down there so it would be a good idea to do Melbourne before Alice’s baby is born.  I am thinking of going for a week in February.  Will keep you posted!

Once Elsie was being put to bed I was able to come to my room to get the cotton out and start the throw.  I have 99 squares to knit before I leave so I had better get a move on!

I decided to start at the bottom left and will tick them off as I go so you have some idea how I am getting on.  I collected together the correct needles and looked at the pattern for square 36.  The first few rows were easy enough and then I came across mb!  Hooray for the Internet and YouTube!  mb stands for make a bobble, something I have done in the past but needed a refresher.  Basically, you knit into the front and back of one stitch 5 times, purl those 5 stitches and then knit them.  Finally, you have to pull the last four stitches over the first one so you are left with one stitch again.  This is how far I got….

Only another 98 1/2 squares to go!  Whilst I am knitting I have started watching films I have found on YouTube. I had no idea that you could watch full length films on YouTube – made me wonder if it was legal to put them up there?  Films I have watched so far are Brief Encounter and Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.  If anyone wants to recommend any feel free as long as it isn’t horror!

Oh, and thanks again to the internet I found out that the flower I saw yesterday morning is called Ipomoea pes-caprae or more commonly known as bay hops, morning glory or goat’s foot!  You learn something new every day!


9 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Monday 1st Feb

  1. Was it the Sophia Loren Richard Burton Brief Encounter – filmed on Brockenhurst station – or the earlier classic version ?


    1. I started both but settled on the earlier version. I didn’t know the second one was set in Brockenhurst or I may have watched that instead. I have watch some Fred and Ginger many years ago – I will have a look and see what is there.


  2. All your throws are amazing so good luck with this one. 10 new wool shops to explore – lucky you. Hope you find something very Australian. Xx


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