Byron Bay – Sunday 31st January

After the storms of the past few day the heat has been more bearable today.  Alice and I went for a lovely walk along the beach before it got too hot.  The sand was firm under foot as the rain had compacted it, making it really easy to walk on.  On the way back I noticed these beautiful flowers.

I have no idea what they are but there were lots of them in the dunes at the top of the beach obviously enjoying the sunshine too.

When we returned Jon suggested that we all go to the beach for an hour so we got into our costumes and collected our stuff to take.  Whilst they were all playing in the water with Elsie, I started reading a book I bought at the library.  I realised that I couldn’t take my kindle to the beach so it was a good substitute.  However, my problem then was how to wear my sunglasses and my reading glasses at the same time!  I managed it but it wasn’t easy. Anyone got any easier ideas?  Anyway, here is the book…..


It is any early one of a very good series and I thought I had read them all.  It is an ideal beach read as it is well written and the story moves at a good pace.  As an original type of book it can handle a bit of sand and sea without packing up!

Whilst Alice and Elsie were napping after dinner my son Skyped – he was out very late! It was lovely to speak to him and see him in the camera.  Apparently, I’m not very good at skyping as he could only see the top of my head to start with.  As with all new things I obviously need more practice.  It is really good to hear from people at home so thank you to everyone that has Skyped, emailed, whatsapped and commented on this blog.  (Text messaging unless you have an iPhone doesn’t seem to be working so apologies to those who have sent a text message that I haven’t replied to!).

Later in the day Alice Skyped Mum and John who had Seth and Luke with them.  It was fun to watch Elsie share nursery rhymes and songs with the boys with everyone (myself, Jon, Amy and Danny) spotted at some point across the miles! 

Thought for the day: The world is a small place when you have technology – it just take a very long time to physically get to some places!   


One thought on “Byron Bay – Sunday 31st January

  1. Sounds as though you are having a lovely relaxing time – you deserve it. Try clip on sunglasses, they work really well. Xx


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