Byron Bay – Saturday 30th Jan

This is going to be short and sweet as nothing much has happened today!  I have a little friend in my bedroom ….

Who looks like this close up…. 
And also reminds me a lot of South Africa!

Finally, whilst Alice and Elsie were napping I finished section 1 of my new knitting project.

Any ideas what it is yet! Section 2 is proving problematic – I have just taken about an hour and a half trying to get row one right only to find that I didn’t complete the last row in section 1 correctly! 😬😬 Now my head hurts!

So quote for the day must be – if at first you don’t succeed, try try try again!


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Saturday 30th Jan

  1. The library and the textile group sound good – perhaps there will be new stuff to try. Never heard of that cast-on technique and no idea of what your project is yet. Absolutely love your new ‘friend’ though! Xx


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