Byron Bay – Friday 29th Jan

An absolutely sweltering day from the start today.  I thought I would be clever and go to the library once Elsie had been dropped off at nursery.  Unfortunately, it didn’t open until 9:30 and I wasn’t prepared to wait for 30 mins in the heat so I headed back.  I spent the morning sorting out travel plans and accommodation for Sydney and tried the library again at lunch time.  It was air conditioned and very pleasant, I now know where I am going if it gets too hot for me!  They even had a shelf of knitting books….  

Enough to keep me occupied on wet or hot afternoons!

And the library has a textiles group!  Hooray!  It meets every third Wednesday of the month at the library and people bring whatever they are working on knitting, crochet, felting, quilting etc.  I have already put the next date in my diary and am looking forward to it! 😀

After spending the afternoon doing more chores the weather broke and there was an almighty thunderstorm.  The rain was so loud we had to shout!  An hour and a half later all is calm again and the heat is back!


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Friday 29th Jan

  1. Hi Steph it looks like you are having an amazing time and I’m loving your writing. It seems like you are really having time for you and brain space which you so deserve. Don’t forget the factor 50 Liz xx


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