Byron Bay – Thursday 28th Jan

So started the day with a list of chores to do … doctors for a whooping cough vaccine, posting of the postcard I wrote a while ago and ALDI for nappies and then I popped into a shop for a bag I had seen!  Yes, I bought another bag! But it is beautiful as I am sure you will agree and very similar to a bag I have used for years at school.

Perfect for a beach/swimming bag!

Once home I had the rest of the day to start my new knitting project.  I must confess I did look at the pattern last night and realised that to start the pattern I had to start with an I-Cord cast on! Now very experienced knitters would have some idea as to what an I-Cord cast on is, unfortunately I didn’t have a clue!  So I got on the Internet and found a brilliant site that showed me how to do it.  Basically, it is method of casting on that created a rolled cast on edge rather than the usual flat on that can roll up if it isn’t edged.  The website is called New Stitch a Day and I recommend it to any knitter or crocheter who needs to learn a new stitch.  I spent the afternoon trying to master this stitch and after many attempts and ripping out I finally managed it.  This is how far I got..   

Even an old dog can learn new tricks!


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