Byron Bay Wednesday

Well, today has been a quiet day.  Elsie has been at nursery, Alice at work in Sydney and Jon at work a couple of hours away. I took advantage and had a relaxing day.  I completed the blanket…

Some of you may recognise my knitting bag!  If anyone else in interested in the pattern it was this one.

I did lots of washing. Did a bit of banking, realised I was flush so went shopping and brought some clothes!  My justification is that it is very hot here and I only had one pair of badly fitting shorts that really needed to be thrown away!  The lady in the shop was very helpful and I was trying clothes on for half and hour!  Needless to say I was very hot after that! I tried really hard to go for patterns and not to think about what matched- honest!  Here is one of the patterns on one of the tops….

Tonight I realised that I needed to start another knitting project.


One thought on “Byron Bay Wednesday

  1. Bravo! The pattern on your top is fabulous – it will suit you. Looking forward to hearing about your next knitting project. Xx


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