Byron Bay – Day 2 Sunday

Alice took me for a walk around Byron Bay this morning so that she could show me where everything was and we could pick up a few groceries.

So we started at the blue dot!  Crossing straight over the roundabout we walked up Middleton Street past the library.  We then turned right into Byron Street. Walking to the end we passed ALDI which is the nearest supermarket.  At the junction we turned left into Jonson Street, we passed the post office on out left before crossing the road to Woolworths.  Woolworths is the main supermarket and is very similar to Morrisons in the UK.  What a relief to step into the airconditioning!  It was also a nice surprise to see all the fruit and veg free from packaging and much more tempting than our sterile packs back at home.  This also reminded me of supermarkets in South Africa where they do the same.  We got what we needed and headed back down Jonson Street, stopping in a chemist where I bought a cream sun hat!

After Elsie, Alice and Jon had a nap we decided to go swimming in the local pool (next to The Wreck on the map).  Jon had Elsie whilst Alice and I did laps.  It was lovely to sink beneath the cool water.

Once out laps were done – I only managed eight!  We played with Elsie whilst Jon did his laps.  She is such a little fish.  She loves swimming, being thrown in, chased by the sea monster or whizzing about on bouyancy board.

Finally, this evening I managed to sit down and do some knitting.  I am using up some wool that I bought for my Grannie to knit.  I thought it would be easy to knit as it is lightweight and quite thick.  (My Grannie is 95 and has very poor eyesight.) However, on one of my recent visits she asked me to complete a waistcoat for her and in looking for all the pieces that she had already done I found this wool in her stash.  She said she wasn’t going to knit with it as she couldn’t get on with it and would I like to does something with it!  So then I had another project to complete.  Anyway, I was hoping to have it finished before I came to Australia but time ran out.

While I was knitting Elsie asked if she could try to knit (another knitting pupil).  I wish I had packed my children’s needles and a spare ball!  She didn’t get to try the knitting then but used what I had already knitted to put her baby to bed and to play hide and seek under!  Not the easiest of knitting I have ever done!

For those knitters who want to know the pattern, it is a very simple one of knit four, purl four so you end up with a square pattern.  The only problem with this is at the edges where you have to reverse the last stitch to keep it neat otherwise you end up with loops!  I have to confess to having a few loops in this blanket.

Thought for the day: For me, allowing children to come to me rather than imposing myself on them makes those moments so much sweeter!


2 thoughts on “Byron Bay – Day 2 Sunday

  1. Sounds like you have come into land ! Lovely to hear about your adventures . Wish I could swim too, a bit different to Thamesmere ! All the best x


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