Byron Bay Day 1 

 So a quiet day all in all, still suffering from jet lag and tired but I managed to stay up all day. I spent time with Elsie and Alice going to the shops for baby things.  We went to Ballina to a shop called Big W which is similar to Wilkinsons and how Woolworths used to be.  Their byline is “We sell for less” so I enjoyed myself looking for a bargain!  Alice managed to find everything she wanted too – a successful trip all round!

In the afternoon Elsie has a nap and Alice joins her.  I used the time for catching up on emails, this blog and writing postcards.  I am aiming to send everyone in my address book at least one postcard while I am here.  I promised to send someone the first postcard so I brought and wrote this one……  

I just have to work out how to post it now!  You can see Byron Bay and Ballina top right!
Last night we decided to go out for dinner and the weather was like this…..  (not my picture though!)

So we got drenched on the way even though we had umbrellas.  We went to the local Italian.  They do things differently here!  You order and pay at the bar before you eat so you can just leave when you are done.  You can also take your own alcohol which makes it cheaper but someone has to carry a cool bag of beer, fortunately not me!  And pizza was not on the menu!  I had a nice tagettelli with smoked salmon – yum.

Saying for today: It never rains but it pours!  


3 thoughts on “Byron Bay Day 1 

  1. That paying before you eat (which they do here in NZ too) can become confusing: When we went back to SA for a visit 3 years ago, I nearly left a restaurant without paying because I forgot that you pay after the meal, not before, there 🙂


  2. Interesting to see a lot of Irish place names in the area and Staffordshire’s Tamworth! Surprised to see giraffes though. Sounds like you are having a good time despite the rain. XX


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