Yarn Glorious Yarn

Yes, my first full day in Australia and I visited a wool shop!

I arrived at the YarnGloriousYarn shop at about 11:45 feeling completely jet lagged and spaced out with lack of sleep! The owner is a lady called Susan who I emailed while I was in Hong Kong about some cotton I need. She replied to my email really quickly and although she didn’t have the wool I wanted she did have the needles. Check her out at www.yarngloriousyarn.com.au and this is what she looks like!


I can highly recommend visiting her yarn shop if you are jet lagged.  She was extremely welcoming – made me two cups of tea, let me use her toilet, looked after my bags while I popped out to get some lunch and called me a cab when I was finished.  And we talked about knitting, about running a knitting shop, about knitting groups, about the origin of wool and where it is really grown, Kaffe Facett’s exhibition in London that we have both been to, knitting designers and inbetween she served her very friendly customers and I did some knitting. Of course, I bought some yarn, more needles, a pattern book and a new friend!
Not sure how I am going to get her home!  She also needs a name – any ideas? 

Thought for the day: Spending time doing something you love feeds your soul!


7 thoughts on “Yarn Glorious Yarn

  1. Some of the wool shops we have visited should take a leaf out of her book. If all the wool shops are like that you are sure to have wonderful time shopping.


  2. If you travel down the Blue Mountains way be sure to pop into The House of Wool in Blackheath. Open Fri through to Sun, it is a little shop full of beautiful hand dyed yarns.


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