Hong Kong – Brisbane  21st January 2016

Hong Kong Airport! 530 gates?!  

Did you know that Hong Kong is the 7th biggest airport in the world in terms of passenger numbers? Heathrow is the 6th biggest!  Can anyone name the biggest without checking the Internet?
So breakfast, a chat with some guys from Finland who were also going to Brisbane and some shopping in Hong Kong airport – brought myself a swatch watch for when I don’t have my phone and to see how my tan is getting on! 😀.  Another long flight in premium economy this time.  Not quite as nice as business class but very comfortable and free 🍸🍷🍷!  Lost the battle to stay awake 💤.  I made myself watch a couple of TED talks too and this one struck a cord in me.  Anyone can benefit from what she says…… Check her out!  

Finally, landed in Brisbane at 23:30.

So, after watching “Nothing to Declare” I was expecting to be interviewed, have my luggage searched and have problems with my visa.  After picking up my suitcase I used a self service check in, handed a declaration slip to a tired lady and walked out!  I had arrived!

Quote – “The weather in Brisbane tonight is clear with a temperature of 24 degrees!” The airline pilot just before we landed!!! 😎


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