Byron Bay – 4th June

Stormy weather over night and still at it in the morning. Up at 6:30 and more snuggle time with Elsie.

After breakfast I took Elsie shopping for birthday present as she was going to a party in the afternoon. We also stopped of to have a baby chino and raisin toast.

When we got home Elsie wrapped the present with Alice.

Lunch was followed by rest time and we all went to spend time on our own. Elsie was really good and stayed in the lounge.

Then it was time for Alice to take Elsie to her party with Ash, giving me a couple of hours to write some blog and chill out. I also finished sewing the strips together – a milestone reached!

I made supper and cleared up and put Elsie to bed

The evening consisted of picking up and knitting up one edge of the throw while listening to the radio followed by a bit of reading. Before I went to sleep I realised that the storm had been going all day and I checked outside to see if the road was a wash with water as I had seen it at one point during the day. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite a river!

Quote for today:


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