Byron Bay – 3rd June

My alarm was set for 6:30 so I could get Elsie when she woke up. Fortunately, she was happy to come and have cuddles in my bed for 45 minutes giving me a chance to wake up properly. Once I was up and ready I said goodbye to Jon, who was off to Sydney to do his exams and went out to industrial estate to try and get Birkenstocks done. Unfortunately, the guy was going away and couldn’t do them before he went so they will have to wait until I get home. While I was there I decided to go to my favourite cafe for tea and toast. I also popped into the supermarket for toiletries but that was also unsuccessful!

When I got back I did some knitting while Alice took Ash for a walk. I had a quiet afternoon sorting out all my knitting stuff so I had everything ready to finish the throw and I finished sewing the 8th strip on and pinned on the final strip! I then had Ash while Alice went for a run and got Elsie.

We cooked a supper of bangers, mash and peas. Ash had a snooze on me while Alice played with Elsie. I cleared up after supper and put Elsie to bed. I watched a bit of tv to make sure she was off and then spent the evening writing up notes for every day that I need to catch up. Hopefully, that will make it easier when I come to do some more posts tomorrow but don’t hold your breath!

Quote for today:


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